Oil Painting Portraits for Sale by Commission by Artist Donna Reine Taylor

Painting for me is in the challenge to capture
the spirit and personality which is unique to
the character of my subject.  The setting of a
portrait is created to accentuate the mood
envisioned by my client.

Portrait size is determined by the composition in agreement with the wishes of the client.  Below are some examples:

Half figure (head to waist)
Three quarter length figure
Full figure-sitting or standing
12" x  9"   ---   14" x 11"
14" x 11"  ---   20" x 16"
20" x 16"  ---   24" x 18"
24" x 18"  ---   30" x 24"

Prices for custom oil paintings are based on the difficulty of subject matter and will be quoted individually.  Paintings are on board, canvas or linen to be determined by the subject matter and technical style chosen by the client.  Alternative sizes are also available if needed to accommodate any additional figures such as pets and siblings to be added to a portrait.

A retainer of 25% will reserve a place in the artist's schedule and will guarantee the completed price as quoted. This retainer is applied to the final balance of the commission and is only refundable if the artist is unable to complete the commissioned art due to circumstances incurred by the artist.

An additional deposit of 25% is required at the time of the photo session before any painting starts. The balance of the portrait fee is due upon completion and client approval of the commission.


The concept of mood, location, technique, style and size are the first ideas to explore between client and artist. Once these points are clearly defined the artist's work will begin. Donna and client will meet for a photo session usually consisting of one to two hours. Photos, and color notes taken at this time by the artist are used as reference for the portrait. The client approves these before painting begins.

Upon completion of the portrait, an appointment will be set with the client for final approval. Arrangements can also be made to submit digital photos for approval.

Usual completion time is 2 - 3 months.