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What Donna’s Students Say ----

I loved working with Donna at her studio. Each week she greeted us cheerfully, ready to offer encouragement and direction during our time with her.  The setting was comfortable and spacious. Our easels were sturdy and there was plenty of side tables and space to spread our equipment. The best part was the supportive and warm atmosphere that Donna created; I always felt I could bring in any sort of painting and Donna not only always knew how to help me improve it, but she gave her suggestions kindly and in a way that was not overwhelming. My skills definitely improved while working with her. You all are SO LUCKY to have her now...we miss her!!!!!Caroline Orrick


Donna Taylor is single person that started my art interest and the one who helped me learn to paint in oils. We were friends before I retired and I told her early on that when I retire I wanted to take classes. I did retire from the practice of orthodontics and started taking classes. I was the only male many times. That's a good deal! The classes were small and lots of individual, one on one instruction was available. What is best about Donna is that she customizes her instruction for the individual needs of the singular student. Most in the class were better than I,  but it did not matter. The better students got help at their level and I got help at my level. No one group do everything together lessons. You are an individual and she recognizes that.

If you are a beginner or an advanced student you will learn and grow from Donna. I cannot recommend a class more highly. She is a world class artist.
Julian M. L  D.D.S.


I started lessons with Donna over twenty years ago, and what impressed me the most was her giving me the belief that I could not only paint, but really enjoy myself at the same time.  Donna teaches consideration of values, color, and composition, and in doing so, generously shares her considerable artistic knowledge with her students.  I loved getting to meet other artists in Donna’s studio, and have made many friends over the years due to the relaxed and welcoming environment.  Not only have I worked in Donna’s studio, but I have participated in many of her plein air workshops featuring her excellent painting demos.  I am blessed to have Donna not only as a mentor, but a friend.  
Kathie S.


“I think I’m finished.”  No, No”, says Donna, “Not quite …. You need to do this, and this, and this.”   -  Thanks.
Matt C.


So many years of learning, laughing and loving. 
Sally L.


I have been oil painting for almost all of my life and I find it not only rewarding and fun but also mystical and magical. After the first brush-stroke, the canvas assumes a life of its own; at this point, you become both governor and spectator to your own event. However, like all things in life, it is so much better if you do it with others! Obviously proper training and professional guidance is essential to give you the tools and knowledge to help reach your best potential; but even better is the comradeship and wealth of knowledge you gain from painting along with others. Donna’s skill and wisdom have been an invaluable essential to my painting. The guidance and the input from her and all the members of her classes simply add to the joy and richness of your painting experience. I have nothing but high praises for you and I remain one very happy satisfied customer!!!!
Tom F


"I loved painting with Donna. Her keen artistic eye and gentle guidance helped me take my painting to a whole new level. Donna's class was always an inspiring and encouraging space where students could feel they could grow at their own speed, in their own style.

 I looked forward to it every week!"
Jan B                                                                                                         


Donna, Thank you so much for your kind & patient manner of teaching.  I truly appreciate the way you encouraged us to develop “our own” style.
Jen C.


Donna – You made me an artist. 
Judy L.


I was a complete beginner, when Donna took me under her wing, and told me that I shouldn't feel intimidated, or have lack of confidence when it came to putting a brush to canvas. For several years she instructed me in the rudiments of painting with oil, and I produced half a dozen scenes, of which several hang on the walls of my home. Although men were in the minority taking lessons from Donna, I always felt very comfortable in all her classes.
Rob R.


Thanks for your guidance and patience.  Many years of fun and friendships.
Pat A.


I couldn’t draw a straight line and you made a painter out of me.  Love our friendship.
Carole R.


I have learned so much from your lessons …. And cherish the memories of our classes. 
Marcia S.

Donna is a very knowledgeable teacher.  Good teaching skills and fun to paint with.
Barbara M.


I Loved the chance of meeting fellow artists, seeing the difference among us, the cheerful banter, the built in critique system we all provided for one another, the consistency of having 3 hours of uninterrupted painting time.
And no, I haven't painted one stroke since you left!
Jeanne D.